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Danish lessons


Marianne Lyngbirk
Kongemarksvej 11
2700 Brønshøj
Tlf. 3828 2897 lyngbirk@hotmail.com



Danish lessons for children and adults

Learn danish in Denmark
Place: Copenhagen - 20 minutes from Rådhuspladsen
Teacher: Educated experienced danish Teacher.
Price: 200.- dkr. pr. lesson (45 minutes)
Contact: lyngbirk@hotmail.com  or tlf. 38 28 28 97

About the teacher
I am danish and have lived in Denmark all my life. I´m educated from teachers training college and I have taught for several years in the danish "folkeskole". I have a linguistic education from college as well.

I am now a free-lance teacher and I help children with difficulties in school. I teach music (piano) and I visit schools and libraries where I tell stories and make workshops with children. Besides I´m a composer I have written a lot of songs and music for a theatre - Ishøj Theatre (see links).

The lessons take place in my house where I live with my husband and daughter, our cat, and our chicken.

If you know some danish, you can read more about me on these pages. A translation is soon coming up.

About the education
- Individual lessons - conversation, grammar etc
- Face to face tuition
- e-mail-courses - you write me in danish - I correct your letter
  and write you back in danish
- Summercamps for children  (around the year) - play and learn.

On-line lessons via skype.
Learn danish from home also if you live abroad.




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